Key points of the ICANN 66 meeting in Montreal

At the 66th ICANN Forum, held in Montreal from November 1-7, 2019, several topics were discussed, including issues related to new gTLDs, domain name registrations and privacy.

  • New gTLDs

The Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC), ICANN’s advisory committee, recommends that the ICANN Board of Directors not create new TLDs until the various recommendations of the Competition, Consumer Trust, and Consumer Choice Review Team have been fully implemented.

This team also conducted a review that identified the various issues that need to be addressed by ICANN before it can propose a new set of TLDs including: the need for and availability of data, the costs and benefits, the effectiveness of safeguards, and the promotion of consumer confidence.

•          Domain name registrations

Since the entry into force of the GDRP, in order for the WHOIS system (system containing information on the identity of domain name holders) to be in compliance, the personal data of domain name holders has become inaccessible to the public.

At this forum, in accordance with Phase 1 of the Accelerated Policy Development Process (EPDP) Committee, the GAC mandated ICANN to ensure that there is reasonable access to non-public data. Indeed, it is sometimes necessary to have quick access to this data. To have access to it, you must be able to prove a legitimate interest, which may be: the application of civil, administrative and criminal law, cyber security, consumer protection and the protection of intellectual property rights. Thus, ICANN will have to:

– Advise regarding the existence of a process for requesting non-public data;

– Provide a standard application form;

– Provide information links on registrars and registrants and how to contact them.

ICANN must also establish a specific complaint process in the event of a failure to respond and an unreasonable refusal to provide non-public data.

Finally, it must monitor and report on compliance with the current policy.


  • Protection of privacy

In addition, the GAC specifies that the implementation of the policy on the accreditation of anonymity services must continue. Using a proxy service allows to hide a customer’s data. The proxy uses a different IP address than the client.

The next ICANN meeting will be held in Cancun from 7-12 March 2020. We will continue to monitor the situation closely.


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