Best wishes for 2020!


2019 is already ending… What do you remember from this year?

At Dreyfus, the year was marked by 7 months of renovations and complex client files, but above all else, great opportunities and successes.

Dreyfus team is now settled in, in premises that look like them: allowing them to work in a dynamic, young and innovative environment!

Cabinet Dreyfus thanks its colleagues, collaborators and partners for the quality of work they have produced this year. Together they have always been able to meet the needs of the increasingly demanding customers. Each of them contributes to the firm’s excellence and ensures that Dreyfus’s clients benefit from a high level of expertise as well as exceptional responsiveness and adaptability.

How fortunate to have a united team that shows kindness and mutual assistance in their daily tasks.

Dreyfus team wish you the best for 2020! Happy new year for all of you!